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RULES | CTF, Instantgib

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RULES | CTF, Instantgib Empty RULES | CTF, Instantgib

Post  fps eventS on 10/3/2013, 16:22


  1. Matches must be played 3vs3 CTF Instantgib (maps only from the mappool). Any match played with other configuration will automatically be cancelled.
  2. The main server for every matches is: RAILGUNKINGS2013 server;
  3. But matches can be played on any 0.8.1 or 0.8.8 OpenArena server which applies following rules too:
    -- /g_gametype 4
    -- /capturelimit 5
    -- /timelimit 20
    -- /g_instantgib 2
    -- /g_delaghitscan 1
    -- Brightskins
    If one of those entries is not respected, one of both clan can ask the cancelling of the match.
  4. All matches played with a particular unusual server configurations (vampire mod, friendlyfire, CPM...) or on an other particular mod than Vanilla OpenArena will be automatically cancelled. Also, no caps after 5 flag captures or after 20min of game will be accepted.
  5. This tournament is made to show some beautiful skills and nice interesting games. So any non-fair and unsporting behaviour can be a reason for a match cancelling request. The excessive toxic camping is prohibited as well.
    /!\ Strategical base-camping ≠ Toxic unsporting camping. You can roam in the same area, but you can not stay on a same spot for more than 10sec just waiting and shoting players who passes. All match cancelling requests will need a demo to prove an unsporting behaviour. It will be absolutely useless to say that a team unfairly camped without any proove.
    /!\ If a player excessively complain during the match "omg camper, omg stop camp" it can be a reason for a penalty to his own team (warning, cancelling of a won match or disqualification). Be careful, you can not be totally objective during an official match, so it's not because a player frags you 3x in a raw in his own base that he uses toxic camping. Only admins, referees and other players can judge an unsporting behaviour with a demo after the match.
  6. Match scheduling rules :
    -- Team A and Team B arange a match's date in the appropriate forum. They can send their map choice to any fair player which is not in one of both participating Teams, and this player will display both chosen maps in the same time.
    -- Chosen maps must be in the mappool.
    -- If the map choice is displayed after 48h before the match, teams can request to postepone the match. They can not complain about it after they agree to play the match.
  7. Selection matches played on only 2 games : Team's A map choice and Team's B map choice.
    The playoff matches will use the bo3 system : 2 games won = match won. If first 2 games result into a draw, a third game will be played on a random map from the mappool. If both teams have chosen the same map, the third game is, also, played on the same map.
  8. 1 game every 2 weeks;
    1 (and only 1) extra week to catch up any not-played-but-for-a-valid-reason game


The selection points will be counted as following :
  • 3 points : Victory / Victory by abandonment
  • 1 points : Draw
  • 0 points : Defeat / Defeat by abandonment


  • Any player can request the leaving of any spectator, but spectators are not prohibited.
  • Any player can be a referee for a match if :
    -- He knows the Railgun Kings Rules,
    -- He is not in any playing teams,
    -- Both teams agree to be refereed by this player.
  • A referee can be usefull to make rules applyed, to record demos and to control unsporting behaviours. You can not complain or request any cancelling without demo/screenshots. The referee will be the best solution to make sure rules are applyed.
  • The referee must check server configs, post the scores and control the unsporting behaviours.
  • If a team requests a referee, the second team can not refuse to play with.


  • SELECTION MATCHES | 18/03 - 12/05
    • 18/03 -12/05 | ALL GAMES (4 per team)

  • PLAYOFF MATCHES | 12/05 - 02/06
    • 12/05 - 19/05 | QUARTER-FINAL
    • 20/05 - 26/05 | SEMI-FINAL
    • 27/05 - 02/06 | FINAL

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