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Post  fps eventS on 4/2/2013, 18:46

I am happy to announce the opening of this website! Very Happy
There was some hard stuff to fix but finally we can starts with events and cups!
This website is focused about not only 1 cup, but we are looking for cup series and players are free to ask and propose cups too!
So if the system works good we are going to have a lot of events and Fun! Very Happy

The first cup will be a DUEL CUP, and we decided to get a mappol with all new maps(some they're not, but they are "new" since are maps not so overplayed).
So maybe some players will wine about that but a positive aspect is that will have more balanced games since pro-dueller are not used to play in these maps Smile.
Then a special thanks goes to 2 mapper who did a great works for AfterShock with their maps! I mean Kaffebuddypal and PigCell with their maps: knc5 & asduel1! ty guys! and especially to kaffe! <3

In this cup will use a new system brackets, so this first cup will be a test! Smile
The tournament will be a SWISS tourney.
Each player will play N rounds, initial pairings are random, from then on winners play against winners and losers against losers. Pairings should get increasingly fair skill-wise as the rounds progress. There will be a reward for winning that last round, so hang in there. Smile
After the first round i'll use a pairing program like this one -> http://fsmash.org/swiss-tournament/ (ty to werewolf who edit it for me Very Happy)

And I big thanks goes to Joki, Jack Thompson, aclown, bjozet who help us to fix stuff (server settings, maps, etc) for this cup! i appreciate it a lot!(I hope I did not forget anyone!) Very Happy
A big thanks goes to my clan too! Very Happy

So now we open subscription for the duel cup -> http://www.fps-event.com/f5-subscriptions-open
there will be 2 weeks of subscriprion! then will be time to duelling! Very Happy

Have Fun and cu in the arena! What a Face
fps eventS
fps eventS

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