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// TDM

  • Schedule your match in advance via this forum or via DISCORD (don't forget to open the topic for your match). There will be a new round every 2 weeks, so mind the deadline for each round and play your games in time.
    We recommend you to meet in DISCORD and have your games set up like that. The forum is used to prevent stalling/abandonment, so make sure you have a thread created for your game.
  • Post the results in your thread. If a referee was present during the game, he/she can post the results.
    Take screenshots via autoaction.
  • If you have a match scheduled and you cannot play it, make a post at least 24h in advance and ask for a reschedule.
    Be nice and inform your opponents. We all have busy days at work or school.
  • Disconnects:
    - In case of disconnects in the first (1st) minute of the match, it will be restarted and the participants score points are reset. The participants have to involve a referee if the problem appears frequently.
    - If a participant disconnects after one (1) minutes into the match a referee has to be informed.
    - If the disconnected participant obviously won the match, the demo must be uploaded to a referee who then will decide whether the match will be restarted or not.
    - It is the choice of a referee whether the match will be restarted or not. Referees are allowed to determine the winner of the match if one participant obviously won the match.
  • If you cannot play your match during the week, tell us (and most importantly to your opponent). That way we can give you a default loss. People who abandon will be dropped from the tournament.
    The rule of thumb is: post stuff on the forum on time and we can find a solution. We will not fill the lower ranks with abandoned slots. We want exciting matches in the loser bracket as well - keeping abandoned slots on the roster will ruin that.


The tournament will be a SWISS tourney. Each team will play N rounds, initial pairings are random, from then on winners play against winners and losers against losers. Pairings should get increasingly fair skill-wise as the rounds progress. There will be a reward for winning that last round, so hang in there.

Games will be played as best of three (BO3), So each round consists of two (or three) matches.
There will be one round every 2 weeks, new pairings will be given via the forum, so check in on a regular basis.

Points for the next round will be awarded as follows:

  • 1 PT: 1 Round Won
  • 0 PT: Defeat

    e.g. Team A won 2 to 1 against Team B : Team A get 2 points, Team B get 1 point.


  • Timelimit: 15 minutes
  • Weapons Respawn: 15 seconds
  • Fraglimit: Nope
  • Dropweapon: ON
  • Timeout: ON (1 per player - 1 minute)


  • NO spectators are allowed during a game.
  • If a Referee is available, he must officiate the game. If not, the match can be played without him. The referee will record a demo if server-side demos are not available.


  • Random pairings
    Insert the list of all participants in the exact subscription order here and generate the random pairings feeding the Part 3 with the date of the day before the tournament starts.
    The following pairings will be build along the Swiss System with Solkoff tournament rules.
  • 1 game every 2 weeks


  • drop/drop/pick/pick system
    Players should throw the dice to know who will start to drop/pick according to this scheme:
    - Team A drop a map
    - Team B drop a map
    - Team B pick a map
    - Team A pick a map
    In case of draw, the 3rd match will be played in the 5th map (the not-dropped/not-picked one).

All this procedures should be done on a dedicated thread on the forum.
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